Official Journal of the European Marketing Academy

The International Journal of Research in Marketing is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for marketing academics and practitioners. IJRM aims to contribute to the marketing discipline by providing high-quality, original research that advances marketing knowledge and techniques.  As marketers increasingly draw on diverse and sophisticated methods, IJRM's target audience is comprised of marketing scholars, practitioners (e.g., marketing research and consulting professionals) and policymakers.

IJRM aims to be at the forefront of the marketing field with a particular emphasis on bringing timely ideas to market. The journal embraces innovative research with the potential to spur future research and influence practice. Hence, it welcomes contributions in various aspects of marketing. The editors, while accepting a wide array of scholarly contributions from different disciplinary approaches, especially encourage research that is novel, visionary or pathbreaking. While valuable contributions in their own right, replications and minor methodological or theoretical improvements will generally not be publishable in IJRM. All submissions must be interesting, relevant to marketing, sufficiently rigorous both conceptually and methodologically, and written in clear, concise and logical manner. For non-native English speakers, the use of a copy editor is strongly encouraged.