EMAC Special Interest Groups

So far EMAC is one large community with only limited specialization. However, with more specialization in our field, we observe a growing need to specialize and form smaller sub-communities in specific fields. We already observe that in the annual conference, where specific special sessions are organized around specific topics.These special sessions are labeled as Special Interest Groups.

We currently have 8 SIGs:

B2B Marketing Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Freie Universität Berlin
Vishal Kashyap, Karl-Franzens-University of Graz
Branding Stefan Markovic, Copenhagen Business School
Richard Gyrd- Jones, Copenhagen Business School
Sylvia von Wallpach, Copenhagen Business School
Consumer Behavior Elizabeth Cowley, University of Sydney
Stijn van Osselaer, Cornell University
Customer Relationship Management Javier Sese, University of Zaragoza
Manfred Krafft, University of Münster
Digital Marketing Evert de Haan, Goethe University Frankfurt
 Lara Lobschat, University of Groningen
Innovation and Stakeholders Paul Driessen, Radboud University Nijmegen
Bas Hillebrand, Radboud University Nijmegen
Annouk Lievens , University of Antwerp
Marketing Strategy Kapil Tuli,SMU
Thorsten Wiesel, University of Münster
Quantitative Marketing Dominik Papies, University of Tübingen