Call for Nominations

2017 Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Award for Long-Term Impact

EMAC members and IJRM Editorial Board Members are invited to submit nominations for the 2017 Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Award for Long-Term Impact.

This award is given annually to papers published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) that are judged to have made a long-term impact on the field of marketing. The award was established by IJRM and the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) in 2009.

For 2017, the IJRM editor (Roland T. Rust) has put together a committee to oversee the nomination and selection of the award. The committee is comprised of:  Russell Winer (New York University) (Chairperson), Christian Homburg (University of Mannheim), Mario Pandelaere (Ghent University and Virginia Tech), and Andrew Stephen (University of Oxford).

The winning paper will be announced during the annual EMAC Conference in Groningen, The Netherlands (23-26 May 2017).


All papers published in IJRM 10 to 15 years prior to the year the award is being presented are eligible. For the 2017 award, this means all papers published in the years 2002 through 2007 inclusive. Papers that have won this award and are published in this time frame are no longer eligible. Authors cannot nominate their own paper(s). Papers authored or co-authored by the current IJRM editor (Roland Rust) or by Jan-Benedict Steenkamp himself are not eligible.

Please see list of eligible papers.


The following criteria will guide the Award Committee in choosing the winning paper: (1) the votes it receives from the IJRM Editorial Board (resulting from two rounds of voting), (2) the paper’s ISI and Google Scholar citations, and (3) the paper’s quality, as assessed by the award committee’s in-depth reading.


The full procedure is available HERE

In brief, once nominations close on 14 January 2017, IJRM Board Members list their top five papers from among those nominated. From this voting, a list of the top 10 papers will be compiled. Then, in a second round of voting, Board Members will choose one of these 10 articles. The award committee will determine the final winner using the criteria above.

Deadline for nominations: 14 January 2017

Submitting a nomination

Nominations can be submitted by current EMAC members and by IJRM Board members.

Nominations should be emailed to between 14 December 2016 and 14 January 2017.

Please submit the title of the paper, authorsvolume and issue number.

There is a limit of no more than five (5) nominations per person.

Remember: Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Please refer to the eligibility criteria above.


2017 Award Committee:

Russell Winer (New York University) (Chairperson)
Christian Homburg (University of Mannheim)
Mario Pandelaere (Ghent University and Virginia Tech)
Andrew Stephen (University of Oxford)



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