2017 EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition 

New generations of marketing experts are crucial to develop the theories and tools that shape the future of our field. Over the last 8 years, the Marketing Dis­sertation Award, initiated by EMAC and McKinsey & Company, recognized and encouraged this emerging talent. We thank Sönke Albers, Hubert Gatignon and Gary Lilien, along with Lars Felder, Laetitia Fouquet-Carpinelli and Tjark Freundt (McKinsey & Company), for making the competition a reality. 

Starting 2017, EMAC will continue to encourage emerging talent with the generous support of the Sheth Foundation. We thank the Sheth Foundation and Roland Rust for their efforts to  ensure the continuity of the competition. Three finalists will be honored with cash prizes and the opportunity to present their work at the 2017 EMAC conference in Groningen, The Netherlands.


Increase the reach of your dissertation – apply for the 2017 EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Doctoral students who have completed or will com­plete their degrees in 2016 are welcome to apply – whether their dissertation has been published or not. The institution granting the PhD must be located in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. The nationality of the doctoral student has no influence on eligibility.


Submissions will be judged based on a defined set of criteria:

  • Novelty
  • Relevance
  • Conceptual rigor
  • Methodological rigor
  • Quality of expression
  • Potential impact

The selection committee will be comprised of the EMAC VP Publications (Chair), EMAC VP Global Relations, EMAC VP Corporate Relationships, and one of the editors of EMAC’s two journals:  the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) and the Journal of Marketing Behavior (JMB).  In case a committee member has a conflict of interest with a submission, s/he will not be involved in evaluating that submission, or will be replaced by a Senior Editor of IJRM.

The Committee chair and the VP Corporate Relationships will select a minimum of two external review­ers for each submission, unless they judge the summary to be inappropriate or of insufficient quality. Based on the out­side reviews and a subsequent evaluation by the entire selection committee, three finalists will be selected to present their summaries to the committee at the EMAC 2017 conference in Groningen. The committee will then select the first, second and third place winners, and their names will be announced at the conference.


In order to be considered for the awards, the three finalists must present their research at the 2017 EMAC conference in Groningen, The Netherlands. They will be honored with a certificate/plaque and a cash prize (1st place: EUR 5,000; 2nd place: EUR 3,000; 3rd place: EUR 1,000).


To Enter

Please submit the following (all materials must be in English):

  1. A single, coherent summary derived from your dissertation, following IJRM style (no more than 30 pages, including all figures, tables, and references).
    The summary should NOT be an overview of your entire dissertation but only on the main research project. In addition, please provide enough details so that external examiners can determine the technical merit and potential impact of your work.

  2. An abstract as a separate document (no more than 2 pages).
  3. An optional technical appendix, if desired, explaining your methodology (no more than 20 pages).
  4. If relevant, a table of the papers of your dissertation with the names of the coauthors and, if already published, names of the journal(s) in which published (no more than 1 page).

The total length of your submission (not including the abstract & table of papers) should not exceed 50 pages. Shorter submissions are welcome.

No author information should be mentioned on the summary or on the separated abstract, as they will be DOUBLE-BLIND reviewed. If these documents contain any information identifying you or your co-author(s), your submission will be removed from further consideration.


To consider your submission, we must receive all application materials by January 27, 2017 (midnight CET Time)


If you have questions on submitting your entry, please contact:


Anne-Laure Marteaux

EMAC / Sheth Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Competition Team

Phone: +32 (0) 2 226 66 67

E-mail: anne-laure.marteaux@eiasm.be


Finalists will be notified in April 2017.

News / What’s coming up?

Notifications for the EMAC 2017 Regional Conference have been sent out on June 20, 2017. If you have not received it (check your junk mails), contact Anne-Laure Marteaux, EMAC Executive Secretary

Luk Warlop was appointed as President-Elect of the European Marketing Academy.

Luk Warlop (Phd U. of Florida 1995) is Professor of Marketing at the KU Leuven and at BI Norwegian Business School.  He has a long history of service to the EMAC community: as country representative for Belgium, as doctoral colloquium chair, and as consumer behavior track chair on several occasions. He co-chaired the annual EMAC conference both in 2015 (Leuven) and in 2016 (Oslo), and is currently senior editor for the International Journal of Research in Marketing.  He co-authored 27 ABS4/4* publications, in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Management Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Sicience, Journal of Accounting Research, among others.  He joins the EMAC steering committee as president-elect until the 2018 EMAC conference, and will serve a two year term as president from then onwards.

The Journal of Marketing Behavior  will publish a special issue on digital marketing and social media based on the relevant tracks of Digital Marketing and Social Media from the EMAC 2017 Annual Conference.

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2017

Call for papers


Job Market



Marketing PhD Jobs: http://marketingphdjobs.org

Job announcements available on the EMAC Jobmarket Website

  • Institution: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
    Department: Marketing
    Position: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor
    Application Deadline: Jul 16, 2017
    Read more -  Email  - Website  
  • Institution: Strathclyde Business School
    Department: Marketing
    Position: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
    Application Deadline: Aug 6, 2017
    Read more -  Email