Host: University of Valencia

             Theme: Paradigm Shifts & Interactions

              Host: Istanbul Technical University

              Theme: Lost in Translation: Marketing in an Interconnected World

              Conference Pictures


              Host: ISCTE Business School

              Theme: Marketing to Citizens : Going beyond Customers and Consumers

             Conference Pictures


  • 40th EMAC Annual Conference 2011 - 24-27 May, 2011 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

              Host: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

             Theme: The Day After - Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation


  • 39th EMAC Annual Conference 2010 - 1-4 June - Copenhagen, Denmark

              Host: Copenhagen Business School

             Theme: The Six Senses: The essentials of marketing


  • 38th EMAC Annual Conference 2009 - 26-29 May– Nantes, France

              Host: Audencia Nantes- Ecole de Management

              Theme: Marketing and the Core Disciplines


  • 37th EMAC Annual Conference 2008 - 27-30 May – Brighton, U.K.

              Host: University of Brighton

              Theme: Marketing Landscape: A pause for thoughts


  • 36th EMAC Annual Conference 2007 – 22-25 May – Reykjavik, Iceland

              Host: Reykjavik University

              Theme: Flexible Marketing in an Unpredictable World


  • 35th EMAC Annual Conference 2006 – 23-26 May – Athens, Greece

              Host: Athens Business and Economics University

              Theme: Sustainable Marketing Leadership: A synthesis of polymorphous axioms, strategies and tactics


  • 34th EMAC Annual Conference 2005 – 24-27 May – Milan, Italy

              Host: Bocconi University

             Theme: Rejuvenating Marketing: Contamination, innovation, integration


  • 33rd EMAC Annual Conference 2004 – 18-21 May – Murcia, Spain

              Host: University of Murcia

              Theme: Worldwide Marketing


  • 32nd EMAC Annual Conference 2003 – 20-23 May – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

              Host: University of Strathclyde

             Theme: Marketing: Responsible and relevant?


  • 31st EMAC Annual Conference 2002 – 28-31 May – Braga, Portugal

              Host: University of Minho, School of Economics & Management.

              Theme: Marketing in a Changing World: Scope, opportunities and challenges


              Host: Norwegian School of Economics

              Theme: Rethinking European Marketing


             Host: Erasmus University Rotterdam

             Theme: Marketing in the New Millennium


  • 28th EMAC Annual Conference 1999 – 11-14 May – Berlin, Germany

            Host: Humboldt University 

            Theme: Marketing and Competition in the Information Age


  • 27th EMAC Annual Conference 1998 – 20-23 May – Stockholm, Sweden

             Host: Stockholm School of Economics

             Theme: Marketing Research and Practice


  • 26th EMAC Annual Conference 1997 – 20-23 May – Coventry, UK

             Host: University of Warwick, Warwick Business School

             Theme: Marketing: Progress, prospects, perspectives


  • 25th EMAC Annual Conference 1996 – Budapest, Hungary

             Host: Budapest University of Economic Sciences

             Theme: Marketing for an Expanding Europe


  • 24th EMAC Annual Conference 1995 – Cergy-Pontoise, France

             Host: Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC)

             Theme : Marketing Today and for the 21st Century


  • 23rd EMAC Annual Conference 1994 – 17-20 May – Maastricht, The Netherlands

             Host: University of Limburg at Maastricht

             Theme: Marketing: Its dynamics and challenges


  • 22nd EMAC Annual Conference 1993 – 25-28 May – Barcelona, Spain

             Host: ESADE

              Theme: Marketing for the New Europe: Dealing with complexity


  • 21st EMAC Annual Conference 1992 – Denmark

             Host: Aarhus School of Business

             Theme: Marketing for Europe: Marketing for the future


  • 20th EMAC Annual Conference 1991 – Dublin, Ireland, UK

             Host: University College Dublin, Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

             Theme: Marketing Thoughts around the World


  • 19th EMAC Annual Conference 1990 – Innsbruck, Austria

             Host: University of Innsbruck

             Theme: Advanced Research in Marketing


  • 18th EMAC Annual Conference 1989 – Athens, Greece

             Host: Athens School of Economics & Business Science

             Theme: Marketing Thoughts and Practice in the 1990’s


  • 17th EMAC Annual Conference 1988 – UK

             Host : Bradford University

             Theme: Innovative Marketing: A European prespective


  • 16th EMAC Annual Conference 1987 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

             Host: University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

             Theme: Contributions to Strategic Management


  • 15th EMAC Annual Conference 1986 – Helsinki, Sweden

             Co-Hosts: Helsinki School of Economics;
                                Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

              Theme: Contemporary Research in Marketing


  • 14th EMAC Annual Conference 1985 – Germany

             Host: University of Bielefeld


  • 13th EMAC Annual Conference 1984 – The Netherlands

             Host: Nijenrode School of Management


  • 12th EMAC Annual Conference 1983 – France

             Host: Institut d’Etudes Commerciales France


  • 11th EMAC Annual Conference 1982 – Antwerp, Belgium

             Host: University of Antwerp


  • 10th EMAC Annual Conference 1981 – Copenhagen, Denmark

             Host: Copenhagen School of Economics & Business Administration


  • 9th EMAC Annual Conference 1980 – Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

             Host: University of Edinburgh


  • 8th EMAC Annual Conference 1979 – The Netherlands

             Host: University of Groningen


  • 7th EMAC Annual Conference 1978 – Stockholm, Sweden

             Host: University of Stockholm


  • 6th EMAC Annual Conference 1977 – Saarbrücken, Germany

            Host: University of Saarbrücken


  • 5th EMAC Annual Conference 1976 – France

             Hosts: CEDEP, INSEAD


  • 4th EMAC Annual Conference 1975 – Copenhagen, Denmark

             Host: Copenhagen School of Economics


  • 3rd EMAC Annual Conference 1974 – Brussels, Belgium

             Host: EIASM


  • 2nd EMAC Annual Conference 1973 – Berlin, Germany

             Host: International Institute of Management, Berlin


  • 1st EMAC Annual Conference 1972 – Jouy-en-Josas, France

             Host: HEC  

News / What’s coming up?

9th BMM-EMAC Biennial International Conference on Business Market Management
Berlin, Germany
June 27-29, 2019

Co-hosts: Frank Jacob, Wes Johnston, Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Olaf Plötner

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019

More information & application:

3rd EMAC - Job Market workshop
Submission deadline: February 18, 2019 15:00 CET Time

More information and Submission link:



Job Market



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